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Shari has been mediating in Oregon and SW Washington since 1997. She is recognized by local mediation programs for her advanced skills and experience, serving as "lead mediator" or "primary mediator" on several panels, and providing coaching and mentoring to newer mediators.

In 2002, Shari completed a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution in order to further ground her practice in theory, while continuing to bring her natural mediation skills, including compassion, understanding and a genuine curiosity, to all her work.

Shari's work reflects a high level of integrity and professionalism, and she brings a diversity of experience and interests to all she does. Whether working with individuals, coaching them through communication and conflict management issues, or interpersonally with two or more people, Shari has a gift for assisting her clients in articulating their needs and interests, and gaining new clarity and insights.

Mediation and Facilitation Experience


Graduate courses included:
Negotiation and mediation
Advanced mediation
Philosophy of conflict resolution
Perspectives of conflict resolution
Professional ethics in conflict resolution
Conflict resolution in divergent settings
Conflict resolution system design
Power and conflict resolution
Social justice
World for all
Research design and methodology


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